Ya ever take nineteen 90 pound sacks of cement to the chest?

I have. I was a landscaper for a while in San Diego, years ago. I loved it. Out in the sunshine, feet in the dirt, free avocados, working in back yards, often with an ocean view. It was hard work but it paid well and I had three babies. more »


One of those Dad moments

I talked to my middlest son on the phone after a recent gig of his. He told me a story about "one of those moments." I've tried hard to teach them to enjoy the moments. There are those moments in my mind of him as a baby, him being born, him climbing a… more »


The 13th Annual "What would you say to your Dad today if you could?" Father's Day Thread

Click here for the lyrics What would you say to your Dad today if you could? For thirteen years I have been asking this question on Father's Day at Fark.com.  For thirteen years I read the threads and cried and laughed and cried again. For thirteen… more »