A Virtuoso 12 string guitar player, a charismatic stage presence, deep, deep, to-the-back-of-the-room vocals over beautiful articulate love songs that give you goosebumps. A gifted songwriter Grigor’s songs have been played internationally on the radio and used as sound beds for documentaries and series spots. He has 2 million views on his “nearly-double-platinum YouTube channel and is internet famous for playing the $110.000 Martin D-100.

As Creative Director he also serves as principle IDEA!ographer as comfortable running a camera as he is editing an 8 camera shoot. His videos of live performances with limited light and resources are works of passion. Wringing out incredible videos with incredibly raw materials. He designed and built the portable stage and grid assembly and oversees and MCs at all BarefootMusicStage events. Manages the audio and lighting installs and rides the faders if need be. As equipment manager he purchases, reviews and creates gear as needed while promoting stage shows and arranging talent and vender partnerships. Show Runner, venue negotiations liaison and deal maker.

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