A few comments from Dan’s fans:


  • way2fast14 ~ “true talent with a guitar…amazing playing”

  • 333baxter333 ~ “Superb performance. This is one of the best songs I’ve heard from an acoustic solo performer. This guy has true character.”

  • Doomsy2006 ~ “magic touch with the 12 string”

  • SnoweLprd ~ “great tone, simply brilliant!

  • julbez ~ “…touching”

  • jcuda440 ~ “I dont know what to say, besides what a great mix, the guitar, the song the voice, the blues. Much respect.”
  • binzing ~ “Great playing, nice singing, and one rockin beard!”

  • Fourthizzle ~ “Fantastic! What a beautiful, complex sound”

  • nestapleton ~ “ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL”

  • TheEpiphoniac ~ “…one cool guy that can play any guitar like he invented the instrument!”

  • LilScotty32 ~ “…got to be the coolest artist I’ve ever heard/seen!”

  • keolif ~ “SO TOTALLY AWESOME”

  • weihoozie ~ “…probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard”

  • 61mott ~ “That was a joy to listen to. You are an amazing musician and your voice is just beautiful. You are an inspiration.”

  • wakitu ~ “That’s what the word ‘enfold’ should feel like. Oh, my, yes…”

  • Fstpicker ~ “Love your 12-string style! Great playing!”

  • wdchrismon ~ “Thats a sexy individual.”

  • rockandrollkevin ~ “This guy rocks!”

  • princess ~ “Smart, fun and awe-inspiring”

  • SwedishPetter ~ “I just cant help it but I love this guy ;)”

  • supmikey123 ~ “I’m not even into rock/blues type of music but this is beautifully played. Love the feel and rhythmn.

  • Bloodstainguitar ~ “Dude you look amaz­ing! you play amazing and your sound is great!

  • KingsJam ~ “Very Inspiring ”

  • ZoneIII ~ “Outstanding!”

  • HandwhistlerBen ~ “Beautiful guitar play­ing, sound, and styling techniques. Your voice just blends so per­fectly.”

  • gragh ~ “I am going to grow up to be just like this guy. I promise.”


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