My face is wet.

There are only two things I do well with my eyes closed: play guitar and type. I can't reach my guitar. Sorry. There is a thing that men, Dads in particular, do.  It's really stupid and self-destructive.  It's a tough lesson and you have to learn it… more »


Alisa B

There is a special thing that happens now on the internet as we are more and more open to making friends with people nowhere near us, friends of friends or folks that find your video on youtube and hook up on SocNets. more »


What would you say to your Dad today if you could, or Fathers, what would you say to your child?

We've been posting this on Fark.com for eight years now. The comments are an amazing study in fatherhood. It has been called "cathartic" by many. It has become "a… more »


The King is dead. Long live the King.

That became our visitation outing. My Dad would come by and pick me up in the Cadillac and we'd ride downtown... walk up the creaky wooden stairs and learn music... some of my fondest memories. Thus began my addiction, obsession and passion for the guitar. more »


Have you ever changed a boxcar door on a train?

Have you ever changed a boxcar door on a train? I have. For a while there, about a thousand years ago, I worked on the "rip track" for the Rock Island Railroad. I was young and full of cheap beer. I had a rock and roll band and we played Foghat covers o… more »


How about a sixth year: What would you say to your Dad today?

Reading through the Fark threads again and, once again, amazed at the results. It seems it is a good thing. Let's do it again. 2008: Happy Father's Day. What would you say to your father today if you could? 2009: "Dear Dad… more »


For My Little Girl

For My Little Girl   11/25/79   I’d like to introduce you to my child And I’d like to talk to you, for a little while Please be careful don’t end the world Leave something left for my little girl   She’s beautiful, looks like her mom A full-fl… more »


Be Yourself with Live Music: Call For Info from the first-ever show at Knuckleheads on Front Street

We were delighted to be the first act on the new stage at the hottest new venue in Temecula, CA. Knuckleheads on Front Street is the epicenter of Inland Valley blues. I never seem to get this song recorded. We always use it as our sound check song.… more »


Celebrate Diversity, Be Different Like Me.

I will post this without comment except to say that this is a raw and live sound test. The guitar that I am playing is tuned so that the normally octave strings on the twelve string are tuned in fifths. There will be more on this in another post.   more »


The Magic House Strikes Again

We had our 17th Annual lakeelsinorecam.com July 4th party and a really special thing happened and I want to share it with you. Pardon my passion as I brag about my crew. My cast party crew, you know who you are, you came, you drank, you conquered.… more »


Dear Daddy... Here's what I should have said. What would you say to your dad if you could?

For five years in a row now I have posted a Father's Day thread on FARK.com asking simply, "What would you say to your Dad today if you could?" It has been so… more »


Just One of Those Things

Here is one of those things. I've been "online" since before most of you were born. It never ceases to amaze me the little relationships you grow along the way. You learn the short hand and the short cuts. You communicate in strange ways with people fro… more »


Just Sing

I don't care what you believe in or whom, but there is a thing that happens on Sundays that is pretty special and it should happen more. Every Sunday people from all walks of life gather together and sing. Old people, young people, enlightened people, d… more »


Windy Road from the Pitstop Pub in Menifee, CA

I love this kinda stuff. Friday afternoon I get a call from my buddy J.A.M. of J.A.M.Kwest, a local roots reggae band and and old friend. He needs to fill out the show at the Pitstop that night. A few frantic phonecalls later and it's all setup. We get… more »


Dan Grigor Crack In Time

Another cut from a delightful afternoon at the Callaway Winery enjoying wine, food and new friends at the Meritage Restaurant. The song, Crack In Time, is a sweet little jazz riff love song. For those moments when time just seems to stop. They always h… more »


Dan Grigor In The Wind

From the lovely Meritage at Callaway Winery Grigor plays "In The Wind" for a very cool crowd. more »


In honor of our anniversaries, a FREE MP3 download of "Read To Me" one of our wedding songs. Share it with someone in love.

  Will you read to me when I’m oldWill you always be there to hold meIt’s silly but I’ve got to know DearWill you read to me when I’m oldWill you need me when we’re oldWill you always need me to hold youI really I need you to know dearI’ll be there when you’re oldLaugh lines and gray hairLots of cats and rocking chairsThe future has such a nice viewGrowing old with you more »


The Greatest Guitar Secret of All Time by Dan Grigor

Everyone knows about the hookers and blow but there are other perks to being “The Guitar Player.” Allow me to remind you of a few perks and then I’ll reveal The Greatest Guitar Secret of All Time. When I was younger, I used it to get out of homework: “I… more »


Dan Plays with Songwriters At Play at the Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden in the Rain

As part of my mini SLO tour, I was privileged to play at one of Steve Key’s fabulous “Songwriters at Play” showcase concerts in Paso Robles, CA at Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden. What a wonderful thing. Steve is really doing… more »


Civilian Veterans

  Veterans are cool and it's cool there is a day for us to honor them. There is another segment of the population that doesn't get a day, they don't get honors or medals and yet they are as vital as the trigger pullers to our "freedoms."  I'm one of th… more »