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As long as you're here... here's a song to click on. Thanks for listening. https://soundcloud.com/dan-grigor/sblendid more »


Trow It Ovah D'Rail!

OK, we have a new thing. We packed all our dishes into the big, black Anvil wardrobe-trunk slash roadcase, as one does, so they don't break. We decided to just pack ALL the dishes, take 'em to Roscoe and split them up there. We need some at the… more »


I Can't Find My Keys... still.

You know that stupid sliding numbers puzzle that drove you nuts until you just threw it at the wall? That 4-by-4 grid, with 15 numbered slidey thingies, you had to random scramble the numbers, then rearrange them into order by sliding them around… more »


Roscoe and The Mullet.

Well, I have to say, yesterday was an interesting day. We drove up the hill and checked out what may be our new place for a while. We’re calling it Roscoe. It is 20 minutes up the hill from our abandoned antique store lot which we call the Mullet. When… more »


The 13th Annual "What would you say to your Dad today if you could?" Father's Day Thread

Click here for the lyrics What would you say to your Dad today if you could? For thirteen years I have been asking this question on Father's Day at Fark.com.  For thirteen years I read the threads and cried and laughed and cried again. For thirteen… more »


Can You Hear the Thunder

A happy fail. Man plans, God laughs and points. Whadayagonnado? This is the story of the 4x4x4 sessions that turned out to be a 5x1x9 event. (There is a video at the bottom you can listen to while you wade through this if you want. It's a fun read.) more »


Bed Cheese

So, this happened. I am addicted to Tillamook Sharp Cheddar singles. We always have some. Two of those on potato bread and I'm good to go. It's a one-handed lunch. Know what I'm saying? Convenience food, comfort food, good with beer OR wine food. Just… more »


Radio Free Jaguar

I don't know quite why this struck me as such an odd thing. I should have known. A while back we found a deal on a 2005 Jaguar x-type with minimal front-end damage. We put a little money in it and took it on the "Get In the JAG Tour" playing music up… more »


The Power of Tears

My body hates me. I'm allergic to everything and, if it isn't a big enough dose, I collect it until I have enough to ruin my week with a migraine or worse. Then I got Grave's Disease and double-vision, so now I wear an eye patch full time. It sucks. I… more »


Goosebumps from The Magic House

30 years ago a woman planted bulbs around our house. The Magic House we call it; it has a great view and a calmness that heals you. The bulbs grew these tall pink flowers and long green leaves that overflowed out of the middle. I have no idea what they… more »


Dear Daddy, It's been so long. What would you say to your Dad today if you could?

Click here for the lyrics What would you say to your Dad today if you could? For twelve years I have been asking this question on Father's Day at Fark.com. It has been so "cathartic" for so many, myself included. Each year I seem to gain something from… more »


Tahthedump, Tahthedump, Tahthedump, Dump, Dump.

This is silly but, there is something about going to the dump with your son. It's a ritual by now. We get a trailer full of junk and off we go. The stinky dump with the huge tractors on sheepsfoot wheels climbing over the pile of American over-packaging… more »


Road Trip Music

For the most part you need to prepare yourself for YouTube comments. Internet comments in general are a mixed bag of nice, inspiring, insane, rambling, hateful, hurtful and silly. I have fared fairly well with most of the negativity restrained to the… more »


Old dog, same old tricks

Well shit, I did it again. I overdid it. The trouble is, in my head I’m still 19. My body, on the other hand, is 62. In my zeal to get a little camp trailer remodeled and ready for a weekend in the mountains, I missed a chance to go away for a weekend… more »


The American Dream: The unintended consequence of a 3-day drunken 4th of July party at my house

We are really lucky to live on the shore of a lake. It’s beautiful most of the time and the wildlife is amazing. For 20 years or so, we held an annual event we dubbed Jam at the CAM. more »


Residual Father's Day Thoughts

What a wonderful day. I got to be alone at home for a little while, carving in wood out in the sunshine. I played some guitar. I played my Dad his song. My daughter came and made "mandatory chicken," a dish she … more »


What’s the biggest bird you’ve ever seen?

[image:72] What’s the biggest bird you’ve ever seen in the wild? I live by the lake and it is like wild kingdom down there. We have huge herons and egrets and pelicans. Big birds, bigger than the biggest Thanksgiving birds, nearly six-foot-tall birds,… more »



  {there is a video below you can listen to while you read #NoAutoPlay} I don't care what you believe in or whom, but there is a thing that happens on Sundays that is pretty special and it should happen more. Every Sunday people from all walks of life… more »


I Nearly Died Twice Once.

As many of you know, I have had some medical issues recently; double vision all of a sudden to be specific. Both eyes work OK, just not at the same time. I have been alternating an eye patch to do stuff. One eye sees better far and one better close up.… more »


In honor of our anniversaries, a FREE MP3 download of "Read To Me" one of our wedding songs. Share it with someone in love.

  Will you read to me when I’m oldWill you always be there to hold meIt’s silly but I’ve got to know DearWill you read to me when I’m oldWill you need me when we’re oldWill you always need me to hold youI really I need you to know dearI’ll be there when you’re oldLaugh lines and gray hairLots of cats and rocking chairsThe future has such a nice viewGrowing old with you more »