Get in the JAG!

Well we are off on our adventure (cue the wildwildwest theme), and having a trip. We did a silly thing followed by many silly things. We bought an '05 x-type Jaguar, put some stuff in it and pointed it north. Altitoodles as we say around here. We visited with friends and family, we played some music, they spelled my name wrong, we did some sightseeing and driving around in the beauty that is Washington state. It rained a little and that was awesome for the most part.

What we didn't know was that this particular Jaguar is prone to sensor modules mixing with moisture in the air and making silly things happen to the car, like it KLUNKS puts up a warning, puts it in third gear and shuts off instruments and sensors so you can "limp" home.

So silly thing number one, buy a jag prone to water getting sucked into the transmission control module and take it through Oregon to Washington state in September. Perfect.

OK, nerds that we are, we jump on the internet and figure all this out and find that we must "READ THE CODES" and have them analyzed by a "TECHNICIAN." Not really knowing Jags or if we are really right we succumb to go-to-the-mechanic syndrome and pull out the Visa card. 6 hours and 100s later and the technician still isn't sure, after running most of the required tests to narrow down the (naturally) ambivalent CODE, and would like to finish up in the morning. They did let us know that it is "probably the TCM and it might have gotten wet." Also "we will probably have to order the part and the place is on the east coast anyway so we'll just call you in the morning."

I'm not exactly sure but I probably could have ordered one this morning that would get here overnight from amazon but whatdoiknow?

Stay tuned, play lots, we'll keep you posted, new videos soon.

We are currently holed up in a motel editing video and Wakitu is back to work as she can work from here. I'll be looking for a bar I can walk to... or set up on the onramp ...

Get in the JAG!

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