Just Sing

I don’t care what you believe in or whom, but there is a thing that happens on Sundays that is pretty special and it should happen more. Every Sunday people from all walks of life gather together and sing. Old people, young people, enlightened people, deluded people, rich people, poor people, happy people, sad people, all kinds of people, people that don’t know each other, they all get together in a room and sing songs. Forget for a moment the topic of the songs. Forget religion and politics and economics and problems of the day.

They gather, they sing. People smile, people are encouraged, people are inspired and people are healed just a little and the rest of the week is bearable. Sundays.

If, on every other day of the week, people sang together more… that would be cool.

I often wish for a magic wand to bonk my friends on the head with. I’m not sure what I’d wish for first but if I could I would ease your pain, heal your heart and fatten up your bank accounts. My magic wand is song but it’s like one of those movie scenes with the two guys and the two keys to arm or disarm the bomb, you have to participate, you have to turn your key when I turn mine. Sing with me today, just in your head maybe, but sing with me today.

Inspire someone, encourage someone, heal somebody with song. Not because it is Sunday or because you believe in this or that. Just because if we all apply our energy to it together something good has to happen… that would be cool.

Whatever you may or may not believe in as the source of the power of prayer doesn’t matter here. What matters is concentrated focus on filling the air with song. The music will take care of the rest and you can choose on your own whom to thank for creating it in the first place. The source is irrelevant really, the outcome, the product of our concerted effort is what counts. Sing something today; sing every day.  E.V.E.R.Y. day.

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