Look what popped up in my Google news feed.

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Look what popped up in my Google news feed.
(Stassi's such a bitch!)

OK, this is silly, I know, but it made me smile. I was checking the weather on my Nexus 6, a Google phone. On my phone if I swipe left from my home screen I get a news feed based on my interests. I am, obviously, interested in 12-string guitars, music stuff and guitarists in particular and I get a lot of stuff like that in my feed.

I wake up and, while having a cookie and coffee and deciding what to get done that day, I check the weather and then I scrolled down to read the news. I found a cool article on a new Paul Brett 12-string guitar at NAMM. Lots of other NAMM stuff, some TV stuff and some nerdy computer stuff. oooh, look Borderlands 3 and... BAM! LOL! There I am.

Closer inspection reads "An update to a website you visited," but still, it was a pleasant surprise and it made my day. Silly huh?

Here's the link to the story.

EDIT: Busted! lol! ok, ok, I admit it. I do, indeed, GET PUMPED!

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