On the topic of Moms

I lost my Mom this year.
Today is hard.
There are, and have been, some amazing women in my life.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the alt.moms.
Step Moms and Granny Moms and Auntie Moms and Daddy Moms.

The Moms that just take you in, no relation, just love.
The Moms that mom from afar, over the phone, on-line.

The two Mom Moms and the two Dad Moms

The "not sure who I am but I'm your Mom anyway" Mom.

The "I'm too young to be a Mom" Mom and her Mom.

If you mother someone in any way, shape or form, I salute you.

The wisdom that comes with motherhood happens in the moment and lasts forever.
It is passed forever from woman to woman and bestowed upon the rest of us like air.
The exponential sum of that is her love and she gives it away.

There is nothing better than a Mother's love and when your Mother doesn't love you
and some other Mother does, it is almost better. In some ways it is; chosen, specifically you.

When you get Mothered you get loved, forever.
There is no way to work for it, or pay for it, or earn it: a mother's wisdom, a mother's love.

There are powerful words to describe it: Indefatigable and Unconditional are two of a few; another is Relentless.

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