One of those Dad moments

I talked to my middlest son on the phone after a recent gig of his. He told me a story about "one of those moments." I've tried hard to teach them to enjoy the moments.

One of those Dad moments

There are those moments in my mind of him as a baby, him being born, him climbing a tree, first day of school, first guitar, first band all that stuff. Then there are the moments we share as performers. Bad gigs, good gigs it doesn't matter. We can relate. Venue owners and band mates and promotion and gigging provide us hours of conversation.


One of those Dad moments
At the Starry Plough in Berkeley

Then there are the crossover moments from when we gig together. How the crowd reacts to us being father and son is delightful whether it is my fans or his. We have a pretty good friendship as well and as he gets older I count on him for his good sense.

He described to me a scene that I have lived and the update to it for the times that we live in are what intrigue me the most. That he recognized it and how it touched him makes me as proud of him as the fact that he wrote the songs that made the moment happen. Maybe more so.

That my son had this kind of an impact on a crowd of people makes me feel like he'll change the world. That he has a voice and it is important.

He sang his song Molecules and there is a powerful hook that is simple, direct and sung with such passion that it reaches in and grabs you. He looked out on the crowd as he sang out the feelings they were feeling. His big city crowd made up of a very big-city group of people. Most of them couples, most in love. The ones not currently in love feeling what they wished they had, motivated to find it. Straight couples, gay couples, folks in between, mixing colors and genders with value and grace, activists, pacifists, stoners and drunks. Smart young people with careers and kids and they all came out to an acoustic show. His band, SisterGrizzly hit town and struck a nerve. Packed shows all over town and, 2 CDs later, they are loved by the locals. This night, however, a solo acoustic show, he packed the room with folks who, though they love his band, they love his songs and came to listen to his words. 

His words touched them in a very special moment that he shared with me on the phone. That moment when he looked up to see this room full of humans singing the words he wrote, swaying with their partners, real or imagined, actualizing the words he sang. I felt it as he spoke the words to me on the phone. The impact that moment had not only on them but on him. As he saw the love he sang of happening in front of his eyes using words folks couldn't find for themselves to touch both partners as they sang his words to each other. ahhh, can you feel it. I simply couldn't be more proud.

The video they made for the song is pretty awesome too.
You can grab both Sister Grizzly CDs at bandcamp 
Here's a fabulous playlist of their set from our July 4th party.

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