Road Trip Music

For the most part you need to prepare yourself for YouTube comments. Internet comments in general are a mixed bag of nice, inspiring, insane, rambling, hateful, hurtful and silly. I have fared fairly well with most of the negativity restrained to the quality of my playing or the length of my hair. *Shrug.


It’s silly how a comment can just make your day though. I let the negativity slide off but man I love the positivity and feedback with fans that instant comments brings. It is totally worth the trade off. I have been playing few shows while recovering and boy do I miss a live crowd. I need some applause stat! lol!

Road Trip Music
The internet is awesome, I can reach folks all over the world. I get fanmail and comments in 6 languages from places I’ll never get to go to. I have made friends everywhere. In that respect it’s great. The one-on-oneness of it is cool. In DMs and on socials we can carry on conversations and meet family and share friends and have the whole experience of being friends without ever meeting face-to-face.

Road Trip Music

One of my dreams is a grand road trip. Off we go visiting efriends in real life, windows down, radio loud. Wakitu hanging out the window taking pictures while we’re hitting the highways and seeing our beautiful country before I die.  Sampling cultures and local food and music along the way cranking new music we find on the stereo.

So you can imagine my delight when I received this comment on a YouTube video.

“One of my favorites, I jammed your CD on an eight hour drive
down through Arkansas to Texas. Good memories.”

As far as I’m concerned, that’s as good as a Grammy. Maybe just a little better.

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