Trow It Ovah D'Rail!

OK, we have a new thing. We packed all our dishes into the big, black Anvil wardrobe-trunk slash roadcase, as one does, so they don't break. We decided to just pack ALL the dishes, take 'em to Roscoe and split them up there. We need some at the apartment and we need to get rid of a lot of them. So we have the trunk empty again, I am unpacking them into a sort of linen closet in the hall. One we've already decided won't make it through the remodel.

It's late and I'm tired and I can't see out of one eye. Trying to remove the door in the dark hallway, even with the built-in flashlight on the screwgun, I couldn't find the damn screwheads to save my life. I got pissed and ripped the door off the hinges saying loudly, "IMA TROW THIS THING OVER THE RAIL!" and then I proceeded to throw it over the rail of the deck. Closely followed by the office door whose knob caught me three times already on the way in. It will be getting a wider opening soon.

Later, when we were deciding on whether or not to keep a little rolly laptop desk she says to me, finally, "Throw it over the rail!" So now, everything we don't want is getting thrown over the rail. It feels so good. The toss, the landing, the thunk, the dust settling after... it's a little cathartic to be honest. It occurs to me there are a lot of things in my life right now that I need to throw over the rail. Some old junk, some old thoughts, some old feelings, shirts that are too tight, friends that no longer fit, shoes... Perhaps moving is a good time to do some house cleaning. 
I don't know who needs to hear this today but may I recommend that you take a few minutes and decide what useless thing or thought you could throw over the rail. Then - vehemently or virtually - throw that damn thing over the rail and move on with your life!
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