Roscoe and The Mullet.

Well, I have to say, yesterday was an interesting day. We drove up the hill and checked out what may be our new place for a while. We’re calling it Roscoe. It is 20 minutes up the hill from our abandoned antique store lot which we call the Mullet. When… more »
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The 13th Annual "What would you say to your Dad today if you could?" Father's Day Thread

Click here for the lyrics What would you say to your Dad today if you could? For thirteen years I have been asking this question on Father's Day at Fark.com.  For thirteen years I read the threads and cried and laughed and cried again. For thirteen… more »
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Can You Hear the Thunder

A happy fail. Man plans, God laughs and points. Whadayagonnado? This is the story of the 4x4x4 sessions that turned out to be a 5x1x9 event. (There is a video at the bottom you can listen to while you wade through this if you want. It's a fun read.) more »
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Residual Father's Day Thoughts

What a wonderful day. I got to be alone at home for a little while, carving in wood out in the sunshine. I played some guitar. I played my Dad his song. My daughter came and made "mandatory chicken," a dish she … more »
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