Fireworks from the 2011 July 4th JAM at the CAM



I’m still recovering from the party but I have been busy pouring over the video and getting some editing done between rehearsals for the Fall PacificNorthWest Tour and negotiating lots of work for IDEA!ography.

Forgive me if it takes awhile to get your videos up. I have way too many irons and not enough fires.

This is great, the real-time video of our Fireworks Spectacular. I don’t know what happened this year, the economy I guess, but there was no boat parade and no city fireworks. The Diamond stepped up and after the Lake Elsinore Storm game with the Quakes (we lost), they put on a really spectacular show.


I love putting these parties together, putting a few musicians on stage that likely have  never played together before and turn ‘em loose saying “*snap 1, 2, 1234.” Sometimes magic happens. Couple that with a magical benefit of fireworks over the lake. The Money Shot of the show happens when they send up red and white boomers that light up the sky, followed quickly by blue sparklers. If you are in the right place and the current of the lake is flowing just right the image in the sky is reflected in the lake as a huge American Flag that spans the lake. It goes by quick; you can see it at the very end of the video slowed down a little. From where we are it looks like it lands right at our shore. Very cool.


So, even though the fireworks were an hour late and we missed having Shaun play the Star Spangled Banner over the pyrotechnics, this worked out pretty well. While we waited, we put the great Tony Nash on stage with Mike Mountain on bass and Mark Landers on drums; we knew we could count on Tony’s guitar to keep us entertained. I prodded Tootsweet to join them. They didn’t even know each other’s names at this point. What happened next is one of those magical party moments and the video is below… Enjoy…


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