Dan plays Crazy at Kimo's 9/11/11

SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title : 'Dan plays Crazy at Kimo's 9/11/11', url : 'http://dangrigor.com/index.php/v/dan-plays-crazy-at-kimos-9-11-11'}, { button: true } ) ; more »


Be Yourself

The Green Screen Trio’s debut track Words and Music by Dan Grigor Cameras by wakitu Video editing by Dan Grigor Produced by IDEA!ography Be Yourself Do you see rainbows, or do you see clouds? Do you get nervous when you’re around… more »


Guacamole, Stardust and Friends I've Never Met

One day she posts a challange. I'll let her words fill you in.... a group of friends posted a notice on facebook with a challenge to artists: write a happily worded song, in a minor key...using the words "guacamole" and "stardust.” It was all done in jest...but suddenly grew with responses immediately. more »