Guacamole, Stardust and Friends I've Never Met

It’s interesting how things go. I met a guy at Fark.com in a forum where we both hung out. We hookup again on YouTube and Facebook blahblahblah. Anyway, he knows a guy that plays the harp and introduces us; that guy hangs out with a lady that owns a gallery. They are all from Nova Scotia, nearly 4000 miles away. We are all now happily friends and share music and the arts and silliness online whenever we can. One day she posts a challange. I’ll let her words fill you in. click through for the whole story

… a group of friends posted a notice on facebook with a challenge to artists: write a happily worded song, in a minor key…using the words “guacamole” and “stardust. 

It was all done in jest…but suddenly grew with responses immediately. There were some great snippets posted in the comments and a few recorded stuff right away. I posted mine along with the others, planning on recording a 12-string version to post on youtube. Turns out the local response was so great that the famous Seahorse Tavern offered up their Tuesday night Open Mic Night for the locals to debut their entries. Those of us too far away were invited to send in a video that will play there. I thought of the Trio immediately. The Green Screen Trio started as a goof with “Be Yourself” and people have been asking for more, more, more. Well this one is silly and just a little over the top, perfect for the Trio… and friends.



Everything starts with a yellow pad.

While wakitu worked out the wardrobe, set up the camera and plugged in lights, I spent a little time with a yellow pad and figured out some parts for everybody to play. We fired up the lights and snapped a few test shots while I rehearsed and set up the instruments.


This is my sandbox


Green Screen Sandbox






Once we had the 12-string track done
I could listen to that and practice the
other parts. I ran off an mp3 onto my
cell phone so I could listen to the track
while recording the layered tracks.

I have a borrowed keyboard here that
I have been fooling with.





Keyboard Dan, cool in his shades, tickles
the… ummm… ivory colored plastic keys.

Keyboard Dan tickles the... ummm... ivory colored plastic





I am no piano player but it was really fun to work out the part. It took a while but soon I had the piano done and the ever-stoic bass man. Listen to his part in the headphones. I love the sound of that bass. It doesn’t translate to laptop speakers very well.







Bass Dan gets his chops down listening to
the 12 string track on the boom box.


I love the Hat and wardrobe bit. Get it? Different hats, like diff.er.ent hats… Ok, maybe it’s just me. I love hats, though, so I’d wear them either way. It was more difficult than it should have been to choose who wore what. The lead player was such a diva, trying this one and that one finally getting all strapped in and demanding his hair brush be brought to him. Then changed hats at the last minute. Bitch.





This was a look… he eventually chose more wisely.

Caty disapproves of the dock worker hat.

It was really fun playing my new strat. My friend Frank had this sitting around for a year unused and gave it to me so I could jam with the Cartel and play some blues. It has really been great getting back to my roots. Me with a Fender! Who would have thought it?

On this track I really had fun with the volume knob trick.

My cool new strat.



By the time we got around to tracking the vocal the singer was already well into the wine. We had a nice bottle of Barefoot Cabernet ready and it went to a worthy cause. Lots of hats but not a shoe in the house.

Cool Cabernet Tones




Ok, all done. Then we needed a background image. I hit google and found a pic of Crash Parallel at the Seahorse. Check them out here they rock!

Anyway, a little photo magic and we had what I hope is the stage at the Seahorse. I have no idea, of course, because I have never been there.

Half a drummer is better than none.


As we speak they are playing this video at the Seahorse Tavern 4000 miles away. My first international Open Mic Night. How cool is that?

Stay tuned!

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