Dan Plays "Read to Me" with TootSweet

Here is a clip from around 2am on what would be early July 5th. We are playing what would be the last set of the long weekend of music, fun and fireworks at the 2011 JAM at the CAM. Admittedly a little drunk and quite hoarse from two days of singing over the bands and yelling WOOT a lot, TootSweet and I played a quiet 2am set to 4 backyards full of campfires and sleepy campers.

Click through for the video

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Fireworks from the 2011 July 4th JAM at the CAM



I’m still recovering from the party but I have been busy pouring over the video and getting some editing done between rehearsals for the Fall PacificNorthWest Tour and negotiating lots of work for IDEA!ography.

Forgive me if it takes awhile to get your videos up. I have way too many irons and not enough fires.

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Dan Grigor's Sound Check Sunday July 3rd 2011

A good day. We got pretty much set up. We have some video stuff to do in the morning. We played until 2. After I cleaned up a little and buttoned up the stage, I went down to the lake. I sat there on the end of the new (to us) gangway for my soon-t-be-rescued half underwater dock.

Dark and quiet, the faint sounds of campers settling in, young people around campfires, kids tucked in RVs. The whole neighborhood in bed or getting there.  Hugs and good nights, cars leaving and bit by bit I was left with the sounds of my quiet yard.

Wild kingdom sounds.  Fish jumping, ducks ducking, a night heron in the big tree that is still near the water this year, like they were JAMmin’ too, the sound was great. Quiet. Campfires flickering out, one last BANG from a neighbor down the row.

After that it was like the whole neighborhood sighed, closed their eyes and went to sleep.

Click through for video of Dan Playing Drums

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CFI auditions, bass and djembe

Here we have video from the jam last week. Auditioning for percussion is Ric and for Bass is BobbyH