Dan Plays "Read to Me" with TootSweet

Here is a clip from around 2am on what would be early July 5th. We are playing what would be the last set of the long weekend of music, fun and fireworks at the 2011 JAM at the CAM. Admittedly a little drunk and quite hoarse from two days of singing over the bands and yelling WOOT a lot, TootSweet and I played a quiet 2am set to 4 backyards full of campfires and sleepy campers.

Click through for the video

I don’t think TootSweet had ever played this song and I just sort of sprung it on him, 123go. Even though the flute was having trouble in the cool night air we didn’t do too badly.

The view was awesome from the stage. Fireworks in the sky, firelight from the campfires, tents and tubes and people laughing with new found friends, Wakitu smiling at me from behind camera 3, everywhere I looked the view was awesome. When I got to that line in the song I lost it and cried my way through the rest of the song. It was so beautiful. One of those magical party moments.

There is nothing like the sound of applause but for some reason a better sound is that 3 seconds of silence when you finish a song and the whole crowd just looks at you with their mouths open… tears on their cheeks… Thanks for listening my friends.

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