Windy Road from the Pitstop Pub in Menifee, CA


I love this kinda stuff. Friday afternoon I get a call from my buddy J.A.M. of J.A.M.Kwest, a local roots reggae band and an old friend. He needs to fill out the show at the Pitstop Pub that night. A few frantic phone calls later and it’s all set up. We get a half hour in the middle. Cool. We gather up the stuff and off we go. A J.A.M.Kwest show is always a good show even if you not in it, so I knew this would be a good time. We got there early enough to hear most of their opening set and they blew. it. up! Jay was in great voice and the band, with new bass player Dan Millican, have a crew that can hit the road. Stay Tuned for more from these guys; they are absolutely setting new levels.

Our half-hour went well. It lasted 45 minutes. The Pitstop is a very popular local pub. Friday had all tables full, the bar full, all the pool tables running and the standing-room only crowd filling in the spaces where they could. Drink deals are cool, others are reasonable and the food is great. A loud and talkative bunch, they enjoy the music without the fanfare of artificial applause and woots! Interesting, a particular song or another got loud response but for the most part they enjoyed us all without wasting time between songs with the obligitory applause. Nice, kinda. An interesting dynamic, you could tell they were listening, they laughed at the jokes. You could tell they were enjoying it, their feets tapped and their smiling heads bobbed but you’d finish a song to up-nods and smiles. Nice. This one did pretty well and folks had real nice things to say after the show. Great crowd, great bar, good times. Thanks J.A.M. It is always an honor to share the stage with you guys.

I always love “sports bar” people. They can have a conversation, listen to the band and watch three games at the same time while ordering drinks. There was one guy who I thought was checking out my drummer’s girl; she was looking good but I thought this was just rude. Turns out he was watching the game on the TV over her head. They didn’t turn off the TVs over the stage and they are always so bright for video, so I knocked ‘em out and played with the image just for fun. Makes it easier to watch the backlit vids and I had fun! Shutup.

It was a rainy puddle-stomping night in the Dodge, 4x4, up high, looking for puddles to splash through. SPLASH! a few up over the roof! I love that… but this night the accessories leg of my ignition went out and we had no wipers or windows or heat on the way home. I pulled over and tried to get the wipers going and all I managed to do was break the little plastic thingie that makes the driver’s wiper connect to the wiper motor. Now I have no wipers and the whole wet drive home ahead of me. So I grabbed a guitar cable out of the back. I used black tape and the cable-wrap velcro to attach the middle of it to the wiper and ran one end through my windwing and the other through the passenger side. When the windshield became dangerous to look through I would pull my end and the wiper went up; Wakitu pulled her end and it would go down again. We drove all the way home with no incident this way and even hit some good puddles on Grand Ave just because… They’re puddles, what did you think was gonna happen?

Here’s Windy Road from near the end of our set. Mike and I love to play this one. It’s always fun… for a finger-twister. I think Ric just drives the train and giggles when we hit it.


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