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For My Little Girl


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Be Yourself with Live Music: Call For Info from the first-ever show at Knuckleheads on Front Street

We were delighted to be the first act on the new stage at the hottest new venue in Temecula, CA. Knuckleheads on Front Street is the epicenter of Inland Valley blues. I never seem to get this song recorded. We always use it as our sound check song. Since this was an all acoustic show I finally got it. Enjoy


Celebrate Diversity, Be Different Like Me.

I will post this without comment, except to say that this is a raw and live screen test. It is one of  those things; it isn’t perfect, it isn’t the video I was expecting to post, but it is the one that I’m posting. I don’t mind you seeing me this way. This is who I really am.

Guitar Note: The guitar that I am playing is tuned so that the normally octave strings on the twelve string are tuned in fifths. There will be more on this in another post.


You celebrate your diversity best by being yourself
instead of what others expect you to be.
Be Yourself, be informed and never let
someone be in charge of your decisions or opinions.


Windy Road from the Pitstop Pub in Menifee, CA


I love this kinda stuff. Friday afternoon I get a call from my buddy J.A.M. of J.A.M.Kwest, a local roots reggae band and an old friend. He needs to fill out the show at the Pitstop Pub that night. A few frantic phone calls later and it’s all set up. We get a half hour in the middle. Cool. We gather up the stuff and off we go. A J.A.M.Kwest show is always a good show even if you not in it, so I knew this would be a good time. We got there early enough to hear most of their opening set and they blew. it. up! Jay was in great voice and the band, with new bass player Dan Millican, have a crew that can hit the road. Stay Tuned for more from these guys; they are absolutely setting new levels.

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Dan Grigor Crack In Time

Another cut from a delightful afternoon at the Callaway Winery enjoying wine, food and new friends at the Meritage Restaurant. The song, Crack In Time, is a sweet little jazz riff love song. For those moments when time just seems to stop.
They always have live music on the weekends, call for info.

Crack In Time


Map and Directions


Dan Grigor In The Wind

From the lovely Meritage at Callaway Winery, “In The Wind” and a very cool crowd. Dan will be there again on April first, no foolin’. Pair incredible, local, Callaway Wines with Chef Mike’s delicious food. Then pair that entire delightful mix with that incredible 12-string. It’s a two-fer. Bring a date, she’ll fall in love with you all over again.


Map and Directions

Sunday, April 1st, 2012
1-3 pm
no cover


Dan Plays with Songwriters At Play at the Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden in the Rain

As part of my mini SLO tour, I was privileged to play at one of Steve Key’s fabulous “Songwriters at Play” showcase concerts in Paso Robles, CA at Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden. What a wonderful thing. Steve is really doing amazing events showcasing the best talent in the area. Part of what he does is make slots available for touring musicians and it was such fun to play there. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Have you ever been to Sculpterra Winery? It is just spectacular. Every year, my friends and I gather in Paso Robles for the “Peacetour.” A silly wine tour gathering created by my friend “Peaceboy” who is famous internationally for his Peacepunch… you drink some and when you sleep you sleep with the peace of an innocent soul. No dreams…  just snores and drool… for hours…  and you wake up… um… refreshed, shall we say.  Yea, that’s it. Refreshed. All day on a limo with a stripper pole and a party mix CD to which we all contribute, and 30 of my favorite people drinking wine in the Paso Robles sunshine. Then back to the ranch for Peacepunch and the reliving of the wandering groves and gardens and laughing and being sillier and sillier as two days of fun goes by. It is delightful and then you sleep for a day. I can’t wait until next year.

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